Interior Architecture


Complete remodeling constitutes our best point.

We plan the layout and design kitchen, bathrooms and wardrobes based on your needs, specify fittings and finishes and prepare a specification package based on your budget.


Significant section for us recommends the lighting design.

So, we provide architectural lighting design for our projects that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both.

The design process takes account of the amount of light required and the human activity for which lighting is to be provided.

Moreover we try to cover three fundamental aspects:

the aesthetic appeal, the ergonomic aspect and the energy efficient.

Always in collaboration with the top lighting companies.​

Interior Design

With our experience we can transform our clients’ aspirations into beautiful interiors, taking care of every detail that is required with protection of the integrity of a project while meeting the realities and budgets.

We transform your spaces and create a unique environment giving you our best shot.​​​

Furnishing Design


In order to perfect (optimize) your space and create a unique and elegant environment we offer you services such as Furniture Selection, Carpet and Textiles Selection, Artwork and Artifacts Selection and Accessories Selection, always in collaboration with top companies and art galleries



We strongly believe that function is one of the most important things in our daily life. As a result we design your own furniture, especially wardrobes, shelves and bathroom furniture, according to your needs, budget and taste. Unique pieces made to cover your needs exactly the way you want.

Theme Decoration


We are taking care of your Christmas decoration in order to create a trimming suitable for your space.

Additionally we can improve the table decoration on your themes parties or just help you to choose the perfect cutlery, dinnerware set, linens and accessories for your space.

Your Personal Shopper


If time is unobtainable for you and your family, we could be your Personal Shopper and find out the best products in the best prices. Whatever your need is, from furniture and carpets to cutlery and design objects, it will be our pleasure to search, find and shop for you the products you dream about or arrange the services you need for your space. We collaborate with the best companies in Athens and abroad and also searching every day for new design products, companies and materials all over the world in order to offer you the best services.

(Young designers from all over the world constitute our ideal choice for cutlery, dinnerware and linens to create a unique handmade and exquisite effect just for your place. On the other hand, we select furniture, carpets and wallcoverings from the top companies to ensure the quality and the durability)

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